An online communication service


Ecommunicate is a free online communication service in which all communication is viewable by anyone on the open internet instead of being private. Text messaging (like Google Hangouts or WeChat) and e-mail (to other e-mail addresses) are implemented already, and we hope to eventually add audio and video calling (like Skype). You can chat or e-mail yourself (after registering and logging in) or you can view other people's chat conversations or e-mail inboxes (see below). This website is experimental at this point. You should expect bugs, unexpected downtime, etc. Please contact for comments, feature requests, etc.

Chat ConversationsE-mail Boxes
  1. test1 with self
  2. test1 and test3
  3. test1 and test2
  4. Yallbouttogetsuedlikeinreality with self
  5. Liz3 with self
  6. Woody81 with self
  7. MarthaThomson with self
  8. Iree with self
  9. Mysticalleader85 with self
  10. Reemy with self
  11. ranclev23 with self
  12. mileofMiles with self
  13. mariajudithrivera with self
  14. sweethelley with self
  15. billmarcpherson with self
  16. Sparklelover2018 with self
  17. 12345678 with self
  18. solarone with self
  19. mamad with self
  20. Erokesz with self
  21. BlondeOnDrugs with self
  22. jiwan with self
  23. halison with self
  24. gink with self
  25. Imran with self
  26. MuhammadRamzan with self
  27. franklin1111n with self
  28. test2 with self
  29. test2 and test4
  30. test3 with self
  1. test2
  2. test3
  3. test4
  4. test5
  5. test1